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October 2006 | Issue 5

Are you using Pirated or Counterfeit Software?

If you are it's easy to imagine that you're not going to be discovered. Not so, says Mark Lomas, head of Intellectual Property and ICT Law at Ashfords Solicitors. He warns that it's common for disgruntled ex-employees, or even current staff, to tell organisations like FAST about companies who break the terms of their licences. "For the worst cases a spell in clink could be on the cards," he warns. "In the UK, on indictment there is potentially an unlimited fine and up to ten years in prison. For civil claims there are injunctions and damages available to rights owners."

But the damage isn't just legal. Your reputation suffers, your business suffers disruption while the case is investigated, and you're going to have to pay for those licences too. Lomas says that companies allowing their staff to use unlicensed software can also be held accountable - and ignorance is no defence.

"A good idea is to make sure you have up-to-date computer use regulations forming part of your employment contracts. They must be regularly communicated to your staff so they know the rules; it's not enough to have a manual that no one has ever seen locked in a cupboard." Being a limited company is not a fig leaf either, he claims. "Do not assume that one can hide behind the shield of limited liability. Individuals can be prosecuted and sued as well."

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Office 2007 will soon be released. If you were unaware of this and would like some information on the new system please click here to go to the System Preview Site. Where you can view a video introducing the system which outlines the highlights and main changes. Or call us on 0208 422 9699 if you would like more information or if you would are interested in purchasing Office 2007.

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