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Special Edition

Hi Everyone

At FWCS we are always looking at ways to add more value to the services we provide. Therefore we have introduced one of the best so far that will save customers lots of time and also allow FWCS to be more productive and pro-active in other areas.

Free Microsoft Training Videos

These can help our customers to learn numerous ways to run and use basic and advanced features of Microsoft software easily by simply viewing detailed videos online with one click!

Have a look now at /training and show all your staff and colleagues.

I.T. training in the workplace has been repeatedly shown to give the greatest effect in increased productivity for people and companies and can also really cut down on support costs and user frustration.

Other Training Videos to follow

The best thing about this site is that you can email us at training@fwcs.co.uk if you need any other videos to be added that will help to answer your daily HOW TO questions.

We all look forward to your comments - ENJOY !!!

Help people today and show them our FREE FWCS Online training videos @ /training

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