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Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

With near zero start-up costs, for anyone new to Microsoft Licensing, setting up operations, or expanding, the SPLA provides a distinct advantage of a 'pay-as-you-go' software leasing arrangement, charging only for the number of users per month. The most current software versions are ensured and product use rights and monthly prices per user are fixed for the duration of the program.
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Boxed Product Licenses/Full Package Product (FPP)
For home users and small office, provides software, manual and End User Licence Agreement (EULA). Discount available for qualifying academic organisations.

Server Licensing
1) Client Access Licences (CALs)
2) Per processor

Open Licence
For SMEs, a volume discount agreement where licences are purchased upfront and discount retained for future licences. Additional discounts for academic organisations.

Open Subscription License (OSL)
For SMEs, a less expensive volume licensing agreement on a rental basis which allows for easier budgeting, still ensuring the latest software versions and support.

Multi-year Open (MYO)
For SMEs with five or more pcs, to provide flexibility and spread the cost over three years. Again, guaranteed latest software and support.

Select License
For selected software an agreement is signed and installations reported to the Large Account Reseller for billing. It is volume-based, ie. only pay for licences used.

Enterprise Agreement 6.0
For large corporate customers, a volume discount agreement for licence purchasing which ensures the latest software versions at all times.

Enterprise Agreement Subscription
For large corporate customers, a volume licence rental agreement for software, ensuring latest software and standardization across the organisation.

Microsoft Licensing Services Provider Use Rights

Brief Licensing Overview for Outsourcers and Managed Service Providers

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