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Long Range Wireless Routers up to 6 km - New Release
for Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) from InspiAir

What is it?
What can it do?
Who is it designed for?
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What is it?

FWCS in co-operation with DE & M Consultancy are thrilled to be able to offer you the revolutionary new InspiAir range of wireless routers. InspiAir is revolutionizing the world of wireless communication infrastructure by offering coverage over extended areas and range. The ultimate solution to provide wireless Internet services in Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) deployments, utilizing the IEEE 802.11 standard over license-free 2.4GHz and low power (under 100 milliwatt) antennas, is available now.

What can it do?

InspiAir will extend your reach and market penetration with proven, reliable, cost-effective and high-quality broadband connectivity over wireless infrastructure. Cities, campuses, office parks and other enterprises can now enjoy wireless networks, with a range extended from meters to kilometers.

Read Case Study - How InspiAir put Helsinki on the Net

Who is it designed for?

InspiAir offers the most cost-effective and reliable solution for broadband connectivity in:
  • Metropolitan urban areas
  • Large campuses, such as universities, hospitals, industrial and commercial parks
  • Remote rural areas
  • Areas characterized by rough, difficult terrain, such as harbours and border frontiers
  • Locations limited by architectural constraints
  • Commuter routes, such as trains, buses, harbours and airports
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MAN - Wireless Metropolitan Area Network

Demand for Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) deployment is growing rapidly, as the need to provide ubiquitous broadband service in rural and underserved urban areas increases. Anything, anytime, anywhere, triple play service video, VoIP and data is a common requirement. A wireless MAN delivers cost-effective, high quality service. As Wi-Fi capability eventually becomes a common feature in cellular telephone sets and other mobile devices, mobile operators will have much to gain from MAN deployments as well.

LAN - Wireless Local Area Network

Most Local Area Networks (LANs) are confined to a single building or group of buildings, where many users can share expensive peripheral equipment, such as laser, as well as access data and communicate with each other via email, instant messenger, systems and more. For large and small companies, LANs provide a way to keep the employees in the company connected. InspiAir's solution enhances currently available LAN deployments by eliminating 'blank spots' and enabling Internet access even outside buildings or between remote buildings.

How it Works:

The InspiAir VTM is a unique algorithm developed by the company and is at the core of all InspiAir deployment options. VTM enhances frames placed in the 802.11 standard Radio Frequency (RF) session, rendering conventional IEEE 802.11 a more realistic, secure, cost-effective, and reliable solution for wireless MAN, LAN, or WAN deployments.

VTM for Better Wi-Fi Transmission:
  • Reduces RF Frame Latency to between 1 and 7ms
  • RF Routing Protocol (RP) enables multiple entry points and multiple exit points
  • Improves signal quality significantly
  • The VTM" Knowledge ('Spanning Tree') method represents proximate Access Points (AP) transmitting units
  • Extended support enables simultaneous association of a single client to more than 4 APs
InspiAir's unique solution overcomes the challenges of traditional Wi-Fi limitations, introducing real value added capabilities that have previously been out of reach in the wireless 2.4 Ghz unlicensed band.

Extended Range
With an extended range from meters to kilometers, InspiAir's solution reaches well beyond the range of standard Wi-Fi networks to deliver full duplex connectivity. It supports mobility and transition between outdoor and indoor stations, extending the reach of the wireless network infrastructure exponentially.

High immunity to noise and channel collision
InspiAir's solution eliminates the need for channel planning and disparate channel configurations between different local regulations. The unique VTM technology delivers extremely high immunity from noise, so that the InspiAir network coexists with external RF transmissions with no compromise on quality or reliability.

Transparent Hand-Off
Transparent hand-off between Wi-Fi cells ensures continuous connectivity while in motion, for uninterrupted, reliable service.

Foolproof Security
InspiAir's technology ensures multilevel, RF transmission security against Denial-of-Service attacks at every level from the Access Point and stations, to actual broadcasting.

Standard-compliant, ease-of-use
InspiAir is based on the standard 802.11 protocol, for easy integration with existing devices and equipment from all Wi-Fi vendors. InspiAir uses regular PCMCIA cards, CPEs, and network elements. And because it works in the unlicensed 2.4 Ghz band, InspiAir can be deployed anywhere.

Most wireless LANs are usually deployed inside buildings. InspiAir's solution enables indoor coverage from outdoor transmissions.

Enhanced hand-off, improved signal quality and RF routing plans allow users to be connected even in the most mobile situations, such as en route on trains, buses, boats, and other vehicles.

All InspiAir products are distributed through out the UK and Europe by FWCS and DE & M Consultancy. Should you need further information on any of InspiAir's
products or services, please call 020 8869 8484
Telephone 020 8869 8484
E-mail sales@fwcs.co.uk
Fax 020 8423 0299
Telephone 0870 443 4001
E-mail support@fwcs.co.uk
Fax 020 8423 0299
90 High Street,
Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex, HA1 3LP, England
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